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1. How to get a copy of a Police Report/ MV Accident Report?
2. How to Obtain Case Photos/Videos; Body Worn Camera or Dashboard Camera Video?
3. How to get my Fingerprints taken?
4. How to apply for a 60 Day Temporary State Pistol Permit?
5. Solicitor's Permit Information for Business & Individuals
6. How to Register my Home or Business Alarm System?
7. I am the Victim of Identify Theft. How do I report it?
8. How can I become a Norwalk Police Officer?
9. How do I hire an off-duty police officer?
10. How can I receive a criminal records check?
11. Frequently Requested Policies
12. How do I Commend or Complain about a Norwalk Police Officer?
13. Patch Collector Information