How to get a copy of a Police Report/ MV Accident Report?

The RECORDS UNIT window is located in the front lobby (to the left) of Police Headquarters at 1 Monroe Street, Norwalk CT 06854. Email -  OR CALL (203) 854-3009 or (203) 854-3151 - Clerks may be busy at the window, please leave a message with your return phone number.

HOURS:  Monday - Friday;  8:30am - 3:30pm . Closed from 12:00 - 1:00 pm and on City observed holidays. BY ONLINE APPOINTMENT ONLY - CLICK HERE TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT - Online Appointment System Choose the Records Unit calendar. 

FEES:   Case Reports = $.50 cents per page for all reports - CASH ONLY - No bills larger than $10 bill.  No Credit Card or Apple Pay accepted.

 Case Photos = $5 per CD (Still Photos)

             Case Video = $30 per hour (1 hour minimum fee)

             Body Worn Camera = $30 per hour (1 hour minimum fee)

             Dashboard Camera = $30 per hour (1 hour minimum fee)

** Any video over each 1 hour increment will be charged an additional $30; such as 2 hours and 12 minutes = $90.

ACCIDENT REPORTS:  Are available online for an additional fee - CLICK HERE  You must have the case number to use this service. Enter the full digit case number including zeros. Example 240000XXXX.                                

Freedom of Information Requests:  A request can be filed by using the City of Norwalk link - CLICK HERE OR - FAX your request to the Records Unit at (203) 854-3090 or email to  Make sure to include your email for a response.


** Some reports cannot be released due to pending investigations OR are regulated by State Statutes.  Information may also be redacted in accordance with State Statutes. 


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