When is the next yard waste collection?

Please view the following document for yard waste collection schedule & guidelines.

Yard Waste Collection Schedule & Guidelines

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2. How can I get tax bill information?
3. When is my garbage collection day?
4. Why wasn't my garbage / recycling / yard waste collected?
5. When is the next yard waste collection?
6. Where is the Yard Waste Site located?
7. Where is the Transfer Station located?
8. How do I get a Disposal Pass to use the Transfer Station or Yard Waste Site?
9. If my collection day falls on a holiday, when will my garbage and recycling be picked up?
10. Where can I get a recycling cart?
11. Where can I dispose of my old electronics?
12. When is the next hazardous waste collection day?
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14. Where can I get a copy of a birth or marriage certificate?
15. Where can I find motor vehicle tax information?