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Community Room

Subfacility of City Hall

Admission Fee

$250 For-Profit/$150 Non-Profit, $100 Deposit

Max Occupancy 270


  1. ADA Accessible (optional)
  2. Chairs (optional)
  3. Internet (optional)
  4. Meeting Rooms
  5. Parking
  6. Restrooms
  7. Tables

The Community Room is on the 1st floor of City Hall, across from the Planning & Zoning Office. It holds 120 sitting with tables/270 standing. 

The room is available for non-profits at a rate of $150 [with proof of 501(c)3] and for-profit organizations at a rate of $250. A $100 refundable deposit and insurance is required.

The City of Norwalk reserves the right to cancel the Event for public health or safety reasons as determined by the City of Norwalk in its sole discretion. The City of Norwalk shall not be liable for damages arising from the cancellation of the Event. 

Please ensure to check our website for updates.

Current Seated Capacity: 120

Current Standing Capacity:270

 (We can accommodate up to 30 Max Capacity during operating hours of 8AM-5PM)

*Please keep in mind, City Departments/Events take first priority.* 

To submit an application and request a reservation for the Community Room please visit:

Community Room Application

Current availability can be found in the calendar below. Please make sure to check the Community Room calendar before submitting an application. 

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