Engineering and Construction Division


125 East Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06856

(203) 854-7791

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The Engineering and Construction Division prepares, reviews, and evaluates the design of capital improvements; performs survey functions, and inspects construction projects for conformance to plans and specifications; issues permits for and inspects work done in city right-of-way; operates and maintains the traffic management system; performs traffic studies; reviews development plans for subdivisions, commercial and industrial site plans and reports; operates and maintains certain city buildings; and, maintains the city’s maps and Geographic Information System (GIS).

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Cipriano, Monique Executive Assistant - Administration 203-854-7792  
McKenna, Joseph Civil Drafter 203-854-7957  
Berndlmaier, Drew Senior Civil Engineer 203-854-7879  
Sotnik, Paul Senior Civil Engineer 203-854-7891  
Valadares, Vanessa Chief of Operations and Public Works 203-854-7902  
Giron, Wilber Permit Engineer 203-854-7801  
Pizighelli, Mario Assistant Civil Engineer 203-854-4162  
Ho, Aaron Assistant Civil Engineer 203-854-7268  
Stanton, Daniel Senior Civil Engineer 203-854-7981  
Cardascia, Christine Junior Civil Engineer 203-854-7873  
Toth, Ron Public Works Coordinator 203-854-4161  
Meehan, James Principal Engineer 203-854-7331  
Carter, Justin Junior Civil Engineer 203-854-7778  
Arias, Mateo Junior Civil Engineer 203-854-7739  

DPW Permits Division 

Norwalk, CT 06851-5125

Norwalk, CT 06851-5125

(203) 854-4161