Driving Safely

Safety Tips

A hurricane can turn a familiar road into an unfamiliar and dangerous one very quickly. Review the following diving safety tips to make sure you remain safe during inclement weather:
  • Constantly scan for pedestrians who can quickly lose their footing.
  • Do not drive through standing water. You will not know the depth of the water nor will you know the condition of the road under the water.
  • Drive with car lights on and slow down.
  • Know where you are going and give yourself ample time to get there.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you.
  • Match your speed to road conditions. Cars can quickly become uncontrollable when driving on damaged, debris-choked roads.
  • Not all damaged or destroyed road signs have been replaced; be prepared to yield to a pedestrian or another driver or to stop unexpectedly.
  • Obey all “road closed” signs. Just because you can't see road damage does not mean it is safe.
  • Traffic patterns may be shifted in work zones; obey posted work zone speed limits at all times. Be aware of equipment and workers.
  • Treat any intersection with non-working traffic signals as an “all-way” stop. Be prepared to stop at every intersection.
  • Visibility may be limited. Increased traffic on congested roadways and large trucks can obstruct your line of sight.

Contact Us

If you have additional questions concerning driving safety following a natural disaster or emergency situation, please contact the Office of Emergency Management at (203) 854-0238.