Commission Establishment & Organization

Establishment of the Harbor Commission

The Norwalk Harbor Management Commission was established by the Common Council in 1984 and charged with preparing and implementing the city's Harbor Management Plan. The commission was established in accordance with authority provided to the city by the state legislature through the Connecticut Harbor Management Act (section 22a-113k through 22a-113t of the Connecticut General Statutes). An important intent of the act is to increase municipal authority in matters pertaining to harbor management.

Chapter 69 of the Norwalk Code establishes the member requirements, powers, duties, and jurisdiction of the Harbor Management Commission.

Commission Organization

The commission consists of nine members appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the Common Council. The Connecticut Harbor Master (appointed by the governor), the city's director of planning and zoning, and the city's director of recreation and parks are ex officio commission members.

The commission works through its various standing ad hoc committees and the mayor's Water Quality Committee to carry out its powers and duties in the most efficient manner, in coordination with other agencies and the Common Council. The Harbor Commission's ad hoc committees include:
  • Application Review
  • Boating and Harbor Safety
  • Dredging
  • Finance
  • Plans and Recommendations
  • Waterfront Facilities Advisory