Minimum Requirements

Proof of Insurance

Each bidder shall be required to submit with their bid a Certificate of Insurance showing that they have the minimum insurance requirements listed below. The insurance must be furnished by insurance companies with an "A" rating, as published in the most recent edition of Best Insurance Key Rating Group and authorized to do business in the State of Connecticut.
  • Worker's compensation: Statutory limits, employer's liability at $100,000 limit
  • General liability in a comprehensive form with a minimum limit of $500,000 C.S.L. and $1,000,000 aggregate, including:
    • Blanket contractual
    • Broad form property damage
    • Independent contractors and subcontractors
    • Personal injury
    • Premise - operations
    • Products - completed operations
    • X.C.U.
  • Motor vehicle liability in a comprehensive form with a minimum limit of $500,000 C.S.L., including:
    • Hired vehicles
    • Not owned vehicles
    • Owned vehicles

Additional Information

The liability insurance coverage shall be considered as primary and not as excess insurance. The carrier(s) shall provide 30 day written notice to the city by registered mail prior to any modification, cancellation, non-renewal, or other change in coverage.

Policies must be effective prior to the commencement of work and must remain in force until termination of work under this contract. In the event of interruption of coverage for any reason, all work under the contract shall cease and shall not resume until coverage has been restored.

If at any time during the term of this contract or any extension thereof any required policies of insurance should expire or are cancelled, it will be the responsibility of the contractor to furnish to the city a Certificate of Insurance indicating renewal or an acceptable replacement of the expiring policy prior to the expiration or cancellation date so that there will be no lapse in any coverage.