Housing Code Enforcement

Goals & Inspections

The primary goals of Housing Code Enforcement are to ensure safe and sanitary housing and maintain the existing housing stock for all of Norwalk's residents. Housing inspectors provide inspections of residential housing for compliance with the Norwalk Housing Code and state regulations.

Inspections are made within the boundaries of Norwalk on a systematic basis or through complaints and referrals. Notices of violations are issued as necessary to assure compliance with the housing code. If you would like to file a complaint or ask a question, please contact the Health Department at (203) 854-7821.

Apartments with three or more housing units require a certificate of occupancy. Rooming houses require a valid permit. Tenement houses must be registered with the Health Department.

Substandard Housing

In order to rehabilitate substandard housing, Housing Code Enforcement also coordinates services with:

Affordable Housing & Relocation

The affordable housing and relocation program continues to assist low- and moderate-income families in finding safe, secure, and affordable housing within the community. Counseling is also provided to families who have been displaced as a result of code enforcement activities, fires, and other personal and/or financial catastrophes.

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