Tuberculosis & Communicable Disease Control

The Tuberculosis (TB) and Communicable Disease Control Program staff work with medical providers, educate the public, and perform disease surveillance, investigations, and contact tracing to prevent the occurrence and spread of infectious disease and epidemics.


The TB Control Program evaluates, diagnoses, and treats latent (inactive) TB disease with free medication. The division also provides TB screening and education and monitors TB activity within the community. Skin testing is also available by appointment. 

When an active case of TB is reported to the Health Department, program staff investigate to locate the source.

Other Communicable Diseases

The Communicable Disease Program conducts surveillance of all reportable communicable diseases in the Norwalk area. The division offers investigation and outbreak control of diseases such as bacterial meningitis, hepatitis, foodborne illnesses, rubella (German measles), and whooping cough.

The Health Department staff also act as contacts between state and local health care agencies to prevent diseases. In addition, staff are available to speak and provide educational programs for schools and community groups.

Contact Us

Please note: Tuberculosis clinic is currently operating by appointment only. We are not seeing walk-in clients at this time. Please call (203) 854-7776 to make in appointment. 

More Information about TB and Communicable Diseases