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Under the direction of the Mayor, and with valuable guidance from its six-member Board of Health, the Norwalk Health Department provides a variety of services and programs to fulfill its mission: to prevent and control the spread of disease, promote a healthy environment, and protect the quality of life within its changing community. The Health Department staff consists of a team of trained health and administrative support professionals. 

Environmental Health

The goal of the Environmental Health Division is to provide a safe and healthy environment. Environmental Health’s responsibilities include inspecting restaurants and food service establishments, residential housing, septic systems, pools, salons, and daycare and nursery school facilities. In addition, the Division investigates food-borne illnesses and complaints, conducts comprehensive lead investigations, monitors recreational and commercial shellfishing areas, provides beach and other water quality monitoring, and offers a weights and measures program. Learn more.

Preventable Diseases

The Preventable Diseases Division of the Health Department provides essential clinical services, information, and counseling for Norwalk community members. This Division meets a wide range of community needs, including immunizations, disease investigations, sexually transmitted disease testing and counseling, and supplemental nutrition programs. Learn more

Health Education/Community Health

The Health Education Division works to promote healthy behaviors and educate community members about a variety of health topics, including healthy eating, physical activity, cancer prevention, healthy homes, and preventing infectious disease. Health education staff provide information, services and programs to encourage healthy lifestyles, and they work to promote community-wide changes to make sure that the healthy choice is the easiest choice for Norwalk residents. The Health Education Division delivers programs and information in many settings, including Norwalk schools, community-based organizations, health fairs, community events, online and in the media. Learn more.

Emergency Preparedness

The Norwalk Health Department’s Division of Public Health Emergency Preparedness works to ensure that the City of Norwalk responds effectively to natural disasters, bioterrorism and other emergencies that could affect the health of the public. This mission is achieved through department planning and collaboration, staff training, and educating our citizens. Additionally, the department conducts exercises and drills with local, regional, state, and community stakeholders in order to practice, evaluate, and improve existing plans. Learn more.

Laboratory Services

The Norwalk Health Department laboratory provides services and consultation in response to public health concerns. Tick identification and diagnostic testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are major functions of the laboratory. Learn more.


The Administrative Division ensures the efficient operation of the Health Department. Administration provides support and conducts grant coordination, finance, accounting, budgeting, facility management, and communications.

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