Path to Brownfields

Steps to Brownfield Revitalization

The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency has adopted the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Path to Brownfields as a guide to facilitate the assessment, clean-up, and sustainable redevelopment of brownfields in the city.

The path provides basic steps for successful revitalization of brownfields including:
  • Cleaning sites and providing for long-term stewardship
  • Involving the community
  • Minimizing environmental and public health impacts
  • Redeveloping sites in a sustainable manner

Smart Growth Developments

Furthermore, the path incorporates smart growth developments including:
  • Green building design
  • Mixed-use developments
  • Open space
  • Transit-oriented design

Redevelopment Agency Actions

The agency has begun its journey along the path by establishing partnerships between public and private sectors and by promoting community involvement in the city’s brownfields efforts. In addition, a citywide inventory of potential Brownfields has been completed, and assessment activities for prioritized properties are underway.