Voluntary Retirement

EMPOWER RETIREMENT                                                                                                                      Empower Retirement

457 (b) Deferred Compensation Plan and ROTH

EMPOWER provides retirement security, products, and services to public employees. Access the City of Norwalk Eligible 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan or Roth by visiting Empower website.

You’ll be set — it’s easy. Make sure Empower has up-to-date information from you.

Use the website to make sure Empower has up-to-date information from you. Make sure your beneficiary designation is up to date. Make sure your account will be handled according to your wishes when the time comes. To make a new election or to make changes including contribution changes, log on to the website

Get connected and take action. On the web or by phone, Empower is here when you need us.

Representatives are available weekdays between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. ET to help you  at 800-701-8255. The TTY number for the hearing impaired is 800-345-1833. International calls can be directed to 303-737-7204.

Log on to the website    www.empowermyretirement.com

Empower Retirement Security Guarantee

For More Information

For more information about the City of Norwalk's voluntary retirement programs, please contact the Personnel and Labor Relations Department at (203) 854-7862