Community Policing Unit

Program Responsibilities

The Community Policing Unit is responsible for coordinating various neighborhood programs and working with neighborhood groups to improve the overall quality of life in the targeted areas. Officers are assigned to seven districts, which comprise the Community Policing Area.

South Norwalk Alliance (SONO)

The South Norwalk Alliance meets monthly at Police Headquarters and is comprised of residents and business owners who wish to make a difference by working with the Community Policing Unit to improve the South Norwalk community. Additional members are welcome.

Mobile Divisions

Also coordinated by the Community Policing component are the department's Mountain Bike Unit, the Segway Unit, and the department's two, state-of-the-art mobile police precincts.

A Unit on the Move
The mobile precincts continue to provide an added presence in various areas of the city and are utilized as a base of operations for special walking patrols, selective enforcement efforts, and other specialized police operations.

The Mobile Community Outreach Police Substation (MCOPS) Vehicle was purchased by the U.S. Department of Justice Executive Office of Weed and Seed and was given to the Norwalk Police Department. This vehicle is used for a variety of community outreach programs, including but not limited to:
  • Children's tours
  • Health screenings
  • Safe haven programs

The Segway is the newest addition to the fleet.