East Norwalk Volunteers & Other Companies

East Norwalk's Companies
Mayflower Hook and Ladder was formed on May 10, 1887. The company purchased a hook and ladder truck from the Danbury Fire Department. Volunteers maintained quarters on Van Zant Street in the Randall building until the firehouse at 56 Van Zant Street was built.

The following year, Volunteer Hose was organized to provide a second volunteer company in East Norwalk. On June 1, 1894, East Norwalk became an organized Fire District, which allowed the district to tax residents for fire protection and other services.

When the tax district was formed, it bought the Hose Company’s jumper, and that company went out of existence. The Hook and Ladder Company was reorganized as Mayflower Hook, Ladder, and Hose.

Reliance Hook & Ladder
Several other volunteer companies were organized in areas that were within the Town of Norwalk but outside the incorporated areas of Norwalk, South Norwalk, and East Norwalk.

Two volunteer companies were formed in the village of Rowayton: Reliance Hook & Ladder in the 1890s and Rowayton Hose No. 1 in 1902. Reliance disbanded in 1923, but Rowayton Hose still provides fire protection to residents of the Sixth Taxing District.

Silvermine Volunteer Fire Company
Around 1940, the Silvermine Volunteer Fire Company was established by residents of the Silvermine area, which included parts Norwalk, Wilton, and New Canaan. The company was informally organized, never obtained a charter from the Connecticut State Fireman’s Association, and was never as active as the older companies. It used a barn located next door to present-day Silvermine School as its quarters. The company became inactive in the 1960s and later disbanded.

Paid Men, Horses & Motorized Fire Trucks
As the 20th century approached, fire departments went through several changes. View paid men, horses, and motorized fire trucks for more information.