Records Unit


The Records Unit staff performs multiple functions related to the more than 60,000 calls for service handled each year by the Norwalk Police Department. The calls for service must be reviewed and then coded to meet the requirements of the FBI Uniform Crime Report that keeps track of National crime trends.  The staff also updates the internal arrest records when Court dispositions are received such as Guilty, Nolle or Dismissed. The Unit also produces copies of case reports for Court subpoenas, Insurance Company requests and Freedom of Information requests.

The Records Unit is also responsible for operating the Public window in the lobby for requests for copies of police reports, permit applications and collecting fees for public fingerprinting.  The Records Unit assists the Identification Unit as the first step in the process of being fingerprinted for a variety reasons by reviewing the applications, making copies and collecting the appropriate fees prior to the applicant being fingerprinted by the I.D. Unit.


                             Phone - (203) 854 3009 OR (203) 854-3151