The Consolidation

The Norwalk Police Department, as it exists today, was organized in October 1913, following an election by which the former cities of Norwalk and South Norwalk were consolidated into the present city of Norwalk. The new Police Department succeeded the original department and constabulary that had previously existed.

William R. Pennington, who had been chief of the South Norwalk Police Department, was elected by the Common Council as the first chief of the consolidated department. Thomas R. Leatherland, who had been chief of the former Norwalk Police Department, was named to head the Detective Bureau with the rank of detective sergeant. Captains Thomas E. Hunt of Norwalk and Harry J. Gibson of South Norwalk were named sergeants.

Early Department Formation

From 1913 to 1927, the Police Department was under the control of the Common Council, one member of which was chairman of the Police Committee. In 1927, the Board of Public Safety was created and took over the management of both the Police and Fire departments.

The Modern Era

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