Work at the Polls on Election Day

Do You Want to be a Poll Worker?

The Registrars hire a number of poll workers for each election. The Democratic Registrar and the Republican Registrar each appoints one-half of the workers at each polling place.

Work Day

Poll workers must arrive for work at the polls by 5:15 a.m. on election day. The polls close at 8:00 p.m. but persons in line at that time may still vote and the procedures for closing the polls and tabulating the results and packing the equipment can’t begin until the last person has voted. Most poll workers work for the whole day. However, in some cases a split-shift is permitted where each person works for one-half of the day.

The city of Norwalk does not provide meals for poll-workers, but it does arrange for the moderator to provide coffee and donuts in the morning.

Poll Worker Training

Each worker is required to get two hours of training before the election. This training session is held about a week before the election. Persons interested in becoming Moderators must take a five-hour course and pass a test to become certified.

How to Sign Up

Voters who are interested in working at the polls should 1) check the appropriate box on the voter registration card, or, 2) let the registrars know about their interest by letter or email. Please include your address and phone number(s) and email address in any correspondence.