Revised / Corrected Motor Vehicle Tax Bills

Revised / Corrected motor vehicle and other types of tax bills were sent in order to reflect changes made by the Assessor's Office.  Some tax bills sent in July 2023 had incorrect vehicle assessments. Revised / corrected bills were stamped with red ink, and had a pay-by date 30 days from the date of mailing.  

The review of initial assessments is ongoing, and revised bills are being issued and mailed as needed.  Even though it is now after the payment deadline, taxpayers will have 30 days from the date of mailing to pay revised bills.  

Please mail your revised bill with your payment or bring it with you to pay in person, so we are aware of the 30 day grace period.  IF YOU DO NOT SEND OR BRING THE REVISED BILL, STAMPED IN RED, YOU WILL BE CHARGED INTEREST. 

Please direct payment-related questions to the tax collector's office.  Please direct assessment-related questions to the assessor's office.