How Do I Vote?

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In Person

Most people vote on election day, in person, at their polling place. You should go to the designated polling place for your voting district in order to cast your ballot. The polling place will have a list or lists of registered voters, organized alphabetically by street name and house number.
1. Go to the checker table for your street, announce your street name, house number, and your name. The Official Checker will mark your name on the Checker list, and the Ballot Clerk will give you a ballot.
2. Go to a privacy booth and use the marking pen provided to make your voting selections by filling in the oval next to each chosen candidate's name.
3. Carefully review your ballot for accuracy and completeness. You can ask a poll worker for a new ballot if you make a mistake or change your mind.
4. Feed your ballot into the Optical Scanning Tabulator at the top of the ballot box to cast your vote. 

Absentee Ballot

Absentee Ballots are handled by the Town Clerk’s office, not the Registrar of Voters’ Office. The Voter fills out an application, and if he meets the requirements, he receives an absentee ballot, which he may then vote. This can be done all in one day, in person, at City Hall; or it may be done by mail, in which case it takes longer.

Voters with Disabilities

Each polling place has a handicap voting system which is available for the visually impaired and persons with difficulty filling the ovals on a ballot. This system will read an audio ballot to a voter, allowing voting selections to be made using a keypad. Alternatively it will allow voting selections to be may by touch screen. When the voter is finished, the system printer marks the votes on a normal ballot, which is inserted into the tabulator like other ballots. Polling places are handicap accessible and election officials are trained to assist voters with mobility issues. Curbside voting is available for voters with temporary or last minute illness or difficulties.

Voters at Nursing Homes and Institutions
The Registrars' office conducts supervised absentee voting at certain nursing homes.