Where Do I Vote?

Where Do I Vote?

You vote on Election Day at the polling place designated for the district in which your residence is located, so you must be registered at the address of your current permanent residence. A list of the polling places used for the various types of elections may be accessed using a link in the box to the left.

State Voter Registration and Polling Place Look-Up

To see if you are registered, and where you vote, you may may use the State Voter Registration Lookup from the Secretary of the State's website.

Norwalk Voter Registration and Polling Place Look-Up

You can use Norwalk's online database to verify your voting registration by name or to look up the voting location for your residence.

To verify your registration by Name. You must enter data about yourself: Last Name, First Initial, Date of Birth. The computer will look to see if you are a registered voter and display your full name, address, party affiliation, voter status etc. for you to review, and will also tell you your voting location.

To search your polling place by address. You enter your street name and the system will display the voting location for residents living on that street. If there are two or more polling places for that street, house number ranges applicable to each polling place will also be displayed.

Norwalk Election Districts
Norwalk uses 13 polling places for Legislative (State/Federal) Elections and 13 polling places for Municipal (Local) Elections. The boundaries of the voting districts for these two types of elections are not the same. This year (2022) is an even-numbered year, so this year's election is for  Electors for U. S Senator, 4th District Congressman, Governor and Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Comptroller, Secretary of the State, Attorney General, State Senator, State Representative, Registrar of Voters and Judge of Probate.

2021 Redistricting
Because of the 2021 redistricting of the State Legislature, district lines and polling places have changed for many voters.

Municipal Elections for Mayor, Common Council,
Board of Education and other municipal positions
are held in odd numbered years.
State/Federal Elections for Congress, State
Senator, State Representative, and, every four
years, either President, or Governor, Attorney General
& other state offices, are held in even numbered years.
Municipal Election – Common Council District Map State/Federal Election – Legislative District Map

Most of the polling places in Norwalk are at elementary and middle schools, in the gym. In most cases the school used is located within the boundaries of the voting district. However, this is not possible in all cases.

Polls are open at 6:00 a.m. everywhere in Connecticut.
They close at 8:00 p.m. (everyone in line at 8:00 p.m. will be able to vote).

Why do I Vote Somewhere Else Next Year?

Many voters have one polling place for State/Federal Elections (even-numbered years) and a different polling place for Municipal Elections (odd-numbered years). This affects 3 voters out of 8, i.e.; 37.5% of Norwalk. The district boundaries for races in the General Assembly (i.e.; for State Representative) are re-set every 10 years after the National census, and have no relation to the municipal district boundaries for Common Council races. Under current state law, different districts must have different polling places. They may not be combined. This helps to prevent voters from receiving the wrong ballot on Election Day.