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With warmer weather soon approaching, Norwalk Recreation and Parks (NRP) is pleased to announce new rules regarding the use of tennis and pickleball courts throughout the city. While the rules may be an adjustment to some, it is the priority of NRP to ensure that public courts remain accessible to all residents of Norwalk. 

Starting Monday, March 18, 2024, NRP will offer court reservations at Woodward and Mathews Park via ActiveNet, NRP’s registration system. Please check back for reservation rules, fees, and the registration link.  

At Woodward Park, courts P5 through P8 will remain as walk-on courts (without reservations) unless the court is reserved for tennis. Please keep play rotation rules in mind if there are players waiting. 

Please see the rules and court map below.The courts at Woodward Park and Mathews Park will also be numbered, with certain courts classified as “Tennis Priority Courts” for first use by tennis participants. 

We want to emphasize that all private or organized play will be posted on our website and will only be hosted by NRP. We urge all residents to review the rules regarding conduct and play to ensure the enjoyable use of the courts. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Will Schwartzstein, NRP’s Athletic Supervisor, at wschwartzstein@norwalkct.gov or 203.854.7250. 

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