Zoning Regulations Update

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One of the significant recommendations within the 2019 Citywide Plan (POCD), is the need to update the zoning regulations. While it is always good to monitor and update our zoning regulations, it is definitely prudent to evaluate and update them after a POCD is adopted to ensure the regulations are in alignment with the POCD.  In our case, Norwalk’s zoning regulations haven’t had a comprehensive update in nearly forty years - that’s over 3 POCD’s ago!   Considering all the changes that seem to be occurring around us so rapidly, now is a perfect time to update the land use rules that govern our City.

To help us determine what the new regulations should include and how they should be constructed, as well as identifying the deficiencies in the existing regulations, the City engaged with the CT firm of Planimetrics to aide in the preparation of an initial evaluation of the existing regulations

While there have been periodic amendments to the regulations, those amendments resulted in piecemeal changes which have led to structural deficiencies and inconsistencies throughout the document.  

We have set this page up with the goal of addressing many of the questions and issues that may arise.  Scroll down to find informational documents that provide guidance on various topics and issues that we believe are significant changes from the existing regulations.  And when you look at the regulations for the first time, a very natural response is: “isn’t this entire document a significant change?”   Yes, absolutely!  The first info sheet, “What is form based code and why are we doing this”, will hopefully answer some of those questions. There is also an informational document that highlights the significant changes proposed to the zoning map.   

The draft regulations and draft map can be found below.  The various articles of the regulations and use table are also provided separately if you want to just focus on individual sections.

Starting April 26th, we will begin a series of meetings (Schedule & Outreach, to be updated as meetings are added) within each of Norwalk’s voting districts, in conjunction with the elected Common Council members for your districts.   We will also work through designated neighborhood groups on additional meetings.  While those meetings are occurring, the Planning & Zoning Commission will also be reviewing various parts or themes within the regulations, such as single-family zoning, multi-family zoning, sustainability, etc.   In addition to the meetings, we are also providing a fillable form for additional feedback, which we will collate and provide to the Commission for consideration.  

We tried our best, but we are betting that there are still some typos or inconsistencies in the text as well as other items that need to be clarified, so if you see one or any other errors, no matter how small, please let us know.  You can email me directly skleppin@norwalkct.gov or Bryan Baker bbaker@norwalkct.govwith any questions you have. 

Steve Kleppin, AICP

Planning & Zoning Director 

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We want to continue to hfeedback graphic sketch Opens in new windowear your comments on the Draft ZoClick to go to online form for comments! Opens in new windowning Regulations. Please use this online form to submit your comments. Comments can range from pointing out a spelling mistake to proposing broad changes to content.  

Your feedback is appreciated.  Click a graphic to go to the comment form!


As expected, we have received a TON of responses to the draft zoning changes. We appreciate the feedback.  We have already made some changes to the draft zoning map from our initial proposal, released earlier in April.  

As promised, Staff has provided responses to each and every one. Hopefully we didn’t miss any!  We have made table that contains all the responses. The responses in the table were mostly received through the online submittal form, while some were also submitted to Staff via email. The emails were added to the table and responded to as well.   We did receive some letters as well. They are referenced in the table and can be viewed in the links below. 


The Regulations are divided into nine (9) Articles.  Links to each of the nine articles are below. 

Tip:  Hold the Ctrl-F keys (-F keys on some Macs) to find words or phrases quickly. You can use it browsing a website, in a Word document, or a PDF.


Article 1: General

Article 2: Zoning Map

Article 3: Zoning Districts

Article 4: Building, Lot & Building Site Standards 

Article 5: Development Parcel Standards 

Article 6: City-Wide Standards

Article 7: Sign Standards

Article 8: Administration, Procedures & Enforcement

Article 9: Definitions

Uses Table 4.3.9

Complete Draft Regulations


Please click the image of the draft map to view a full-scale PDF of the map! 

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Please click the image of the draft map below to view a full-scale PDF of the map showing the areas proposed to be upzoned!


Interactive Proposed Zoning Map

Click the image below to use the interactive proposed zoning map!

Please note that the map above, dated 7/25/23, is the latest proposed zoning maps. To reference the original proposed zoning map to view what has since been changed from the map that was presented to the Planning & Zoning Commission on 4/12/23, please click here and to view what has been changed from the map dated 6/6/23, please click here.