Retail Cannabis Information

Application Information and Procedures

Beginning on March 1, 2023, the Planning & Zoning Office will begin accepting Special Permit applications for cannabis retailers, hybrid retailers and dispensary facilities (Retail Cannabis Establishments). In order for an application to be accepted, the applicant must ensure that the application is complete and includes all required documents listed on the Special Permit application form as well as the additional requirements listed in the Cannabis Establishments regulations. Additionally, for an application to be considered complete, three (3) hard copies and a digital copy of all application materials must be submitted to the Planning & Zoning Office.

As written, the zoning regulations permit a maximum of three (3) Retail Cannabis Establishments in the city. Therefore, the Planning & Zoning Commission (the Commission) can only grant approvals to three (3) Retail Cannabis Establishments Special Permit applications. In the event that more than three (3) applications are submitted or the proposed location of two or more dispensaries are in conflict with one another: the Commission is not obligated to act on the Special Permit applications in the order received and have the discretion to make a decision on each application in the order that they choose, provided that all applicable statutory timelines are followed. In addition, each application will be evaluated based on the Special Permit criteria and the additional criteria related to Cannabis Establishments.

Below are links to the Cannabis Establishments regulations and the Special Permit application.