Seaview Avenue Complete Streets Project

Project Description

For years the Transportation, Mobility, and Parking Department has received significant feedback related to the need for transportation improvements for Seaview Avenue corridor with recent coming as part of the Transportation Master Plan, but also as part of the East Norwalk Transit Oriented Development Study, and through citizen (Click and Requests) services, meetings with stakeholders and local businesses, and residents.

Outcomes of previous studies emphasized building upon the existing strengths of the neighborhood by improving the pedestrian facilities, increasing walkability, as well as a desire for better bike facilities and multi-use paths. The plan will address issues such as traffic congestion, speeding, parking, and improving access and mobility to local businesses, trails, and public spaces. Funding to begin a plan was approved by the Common Council in 2017. The department remains committed to analyzing all speed and crash data, as well as seeking public input and developing a plan to address existing issues and concerns while improving the overall aesthetics and safety of the area.

Seaview Avenue Complete Streets Project Concept as of May 22nd, 2023

Seaview Avenue Concept

To see a more detailed look at the concept above, follow the link below:

Seaview Avenue Concept 5/22/2023

Please send an email to provide the project team with your input based on the above concept at

Presentation from the 2nd Public Information Meeting: Seaview Avenue Presentation 5-22-2023 

To See the comments from the 1st Public Information Meeting: Comments from 12-08-2022 Presentation 

Project Limits

Seaview Avenue Complete Street Project Limits

What kinds of transportation improvements are being considered

• Incorporating Complete Streets design standards for all modes of travel

• Creating safer intersections and slowing vehicle speeds

• Making biking safer and more comfortable

• Improving sidewalk conditions to ensure safety, access, and comfort to pedestrians on both sides of the corridor

• Improving on-street lighting

• Adding street trees, landscaping, and greenspace

• Improve on-street parking

• Better defining curb cuts to driveways where possible

Seaview Avenue Horizontal Curvature