Registrar of Voters & Elections Administration

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to ensure fair and transparent elections by providing accessible voter registration, accurate vote counting, and unbiased support to all candidates and political parties. We are committed to upholding the democratic process and fostering trust in our electoral system through accountability, professionalism, and a dedication to serving the public.

The Department's Duties are to:

  • Maintain an accurate and up-to-date computerized voter registry.
  • Conduct all federal/state, and local elections and primaries within the City of Norwalk
  • Select and train all poll workers and other election officials.
  • Increase voter registration and participation.

View information on registering and voting, including deadlines and voting locations.

View information on elections' administration including how an election is run, past election results, and more.

  • Citizens wishing to register to vote, or to change their voting address, Register or change registration online, etc. can use the link(s) below to print the form. 
  • Forms are available at city hall next to the newly opened customer service window. You may also register to vote at the DMV office when you change your drivers' license.
  • We can also send you the registration form and a return envelope. Please include your phone number on the registration form as well as your apartment number (if applicable). 
Katie T. Johnson
Chief of Administration
(203) 854-7830
Stuart W. Wells III
Registrar - DemocraticEmail
(203) 854-7763
Ronald BanksElection Administrator Deputy Registrar - DemocraticEmail
(203) 854-7827
Brian SmithRegistrar - RepublicanEmail
(203) 854-7764
Trinetta Ruffin
Election Administrator Deputy Registrar - Republican

(203) 854-7270
Loren AlleeAdministrative Support IEmail
(203) 854-7884