Food Security Data Dashboard

The Norwalk Health Department and the Healthy for Life Project partnered with Fairfield University’s Center for Social Impact (CSI) to create the dashboards below, analyzing food insecurity and related factors in Norwalk. These dashboards will inform our work in food access and nutrition security and can serve as a resource to our partners and community members. 

Tips for Using the Dashboards

  • Click the tabs at the top to navigate to any of the five dashboards. 
  • Hover over the different areas on the map or bar graph to see data from each neighborhood. 
  • Focus on certain neighborhoods by choosing them in the Neighborhood drop-down menu. 
  • The stars represent various food agencies in our community (as of summer 2022). View more information about each agency by hovering over the star.

These dashboards reflect an update to the original Norwalk Community Food Report, completed by The Healthy for Life Project and the Center for Social Impact at Fairfield University in 2020. Read the 2020 Community Food Report here.  

About Us

The Healthy for Life Project (H4LP) is a coalition of organizations, agencies, and community members from the Greater Norwalk Area whose mission is to reduce and prevent obesity and chronic disease by promoting healthy lifestyles in our community. For more information, visit

Fairfield University’s Center for Social Impact (CSI) connects community and campus to create higher impact academic opportunities that address local, national, and global challenges and develop individuals committed to creating a more just and equitable world. The CSI’s Community-Engaged Research program connects the knowledge and resources of the University with knowledge and resources of the community to develop research-based solutions to social changes. For more information on the CSI visit,