New Precinct 142B

Precinct 142 B is bounded on the North and North West by Wilton and New Canaan. The Eastern border starts at the point where Main Avenue crosses the Wilton border and continues south on Main Avenue to West Rocks Road and then follows West Rocks Road to Creeping Hemlock Drive and continues south on Creeping Hemlock Drive and Cobblers Lane to Creeping Hemlock Drive (just North of the Merritt Parkway) to Main Avenue. South briefly on Main Avenue and briefly southwesterly along the Merritt Parkway and across Main Avenue to the railroad tracks; thence southerly along those tracks to Broad Street; briefly easterly on Broad Street to Main Avenue and Main Street to New Canaan Avenue. The southerly border follows New Canaan Avenue westerly and continues on Ponus Avenue to Spring Hill Avenue; turns south on Spring Hill Avenue to Ingleside Avenue, runs westerly along Ingleside Avenue to Beau Street, and northerly on Beau Street back to Ponus Avenue; the border then goes south, west and north around Ponus Ridge Middle school to Lancaster Drive and continues on Lancaster Drive back to Ponus Avenue, and then follows Ponus Avenue to the New Canaan border.

Precinct 142B votes at Ponus Ridge Middle School.

The major addition to the precinct is the area along the Eastern side east of Super 7. To balance that addition off, the area around Spring Hill was added to Precinct 142A (and votes at Fox Run - where those voters vote in Municipal years as well). 

Voting District_142B