Guidelines for Rental Charges

Determining Excessive Rental Charges

The Fair Rent Commission identifies and compares these areas in determining whether rental charges are excessive:

  • Rent charged for the same number of rooms in other housing accommodations in the same and in other areas of Norwalk
  • Sanitary conditions existing in the housing accommodations in question
  • Number of bathtubs or showers, flush water closets, kitchen sinks, and lavatory basins available to the occupant
  • Services, furniture, furnishings, and equipment supplied
  • Size and number of bedrooms contained
  • Repairs necessary to make such accommodations reasonably livable for the occupant
  • Amount of taxes and overhead expenses including debt service
  • Whether the accommodations are in compliance with the ordinances of Norwalk and the Connecticut General Statutes
  • Income of the petitioner and the availability of accommodations
  • Availability of utilities
  • Damages done to the premises by the tenant (caused by excessive wear and tear)
  • Amount and frequency of increase in rental charges
  • Whether, and the extent to which, the income from an increase in rental charges has been or will be reinvested in improvements to the accommodations

For More Information

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