Safeguards for Election Security and Accuracy

There are several safeguards built into Connecticut Elections for the security of the votes and the accuracy of the results:

1. In Connecticut, each town or city has both a Democratic and a Republican Registrar of Voters and all decisions concerning election matters, from the choice of polling places, to the reporting of the results and the security of the ballots are made jointly. In addition, each Registrar chooses half of the election officials at each polling place.

2. Every election official takes an oath to act completely impartial with respect to any candidate or any political party and in a non-partisan manner at all times. All election officials are required to respect every voter's rights as described in the Voter's Bill of Rights posted at each polling place.

3. All voting at a polling place takes place in a single room so that all activities there are in view of all election officials and the voters present. The canvass of the ballots and printing of the results tape is done in public view.

3. The number of voters who check in during the election, the number of ballots given out, and the number of ballots cast, which are counted by the tabulator or by hand, are closely monitored and those numbers must match very closely at the end of the election. This is to make sure that no extra ballots were voted, and that all voted ballots were counted and included in the results.

4. The tabulator which tallies the election results is never linked to the internet. Each tabulator is tested before each election to make sure that it is in proper working order and counting correctly. Representatives of the parties and candidates and the public may, and generally do, observe the printing of the results tapes at the close of the election. Several copies of this tape are made and are stored separately, with one being kept with the ballots, one being brought back to city hall by election officials, and one being posted at the polling place for all to see and photo.

5. The ballots are securely locked up at the end of the election in containers with numbered seals. They are stored and kept available for any recount. A random percentage of the precincts around the state are audited to double check that the tabulator results and a hand-count of the ballots yield the same results.

6. The tabulator memory cards are secured and checked after the election as well.