Wall Street Corridor Improvements Project 

Welcome to the digital home of the Wall Street Corridor Improvements Project!

What is this project all about? 

For over 35 years people have talked about making improvements to the intersections, streets, and sidewalks in the historic downtown of Norwalk, centered around Wall Street and Belden Avenue. Until now, none of the ideas or plans have made it into construction, but that changes in 2022. The City has secured all design funding and identified another $26 million in construction funding to make this important Norwalk neighborhood awesome!  

Now that we’re finally doing it, we need the ideas and opinions from residents, business and property owners, community organizations, and interested citizens to finalize the redesign for the area. It’s time for the City and community to work together to take action, complete the design, and start the work.  

What are the project limits?      


What kinds of improvements are being considered? 

  • Creating safer Intersections and slowing vehicle speeds
  • Making biking safer and more comfortable
  • Widening sidewalks and improving pedestrian connections
  • Establishing great public spaces for events/street festivals
  • Providing opportunities for seating, outdoor dining, and gathering areas
  • Creating connections to citywide bike routes and walking trails
  • Improving on-street lighting
  • Adding street trees, landscaping, and greenspace
  • Fixing on-street parking
  • Improving the Norwalk Transit bus hub
  • Creating easy and safe connections to public parking, including the Yankee Doodle Garage
  • Enhancing the appearance of the Yankee Doodle garage 

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What are the BIG goals of the project? 

  • Build on and support the area’s existing strengths, including:
    • Public facilities such as the Norwalk Public Library and Norwalk Post Office 
    • Historic buildings and open spaces such as the Wall Street Theater and Freese Park
    • The existing strong core of restaurants, establishments, and services 
    • Creative economy businesses and institutions
  • Provide connections to surrounding neighborhoods, attractions, and residential developments
  • Reflect Wall Street’s funky, arts-focused community spirit
  • Create a safe and wonderful environment with streets and sidewalks that provide amenities and create an atmosphere that supports existing businesses and activities and sets the stage for continued redevelopment.
  • Support redevelopment that serves existing and new residents and businesses, as well as visitors 
  • Pay homage to the neighborhood’s history while making a 21st century downtown

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How Can You Participate and Share Your Ideas? 


Project Schedule (with approximate dates)


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