How the Complaint Process Works

Types of Complaints

You may file a complaint with the Human Relations Commission if you think you're being discriminated against in any of these areas:

  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Public accommodations

Complaint Process

  1. Complaint - A phone call, letter, or visit to the Human Relations office starts the process. We schedule an interview and you have the opportunity to file a complaint.
  2. Response - After the complaint is delivered to the company or person(s) you feel have discriminated against you, they file a response.
  3. Investigation - The Human Relations staff reviews the response to the complaint and conducts an investigation with site visits and interviews to determine if the complaint has merit to proceed.
  4. Mediation - Staff attempts to negotiate an agreement between you and the other party. An example of a settlement in an employment case could include getting your job back or receiving back pay.
  5. Hearing - The staff reports on the status of the investigation and mediation to the Human Relations Commission. If the claim has merit and a settlement agreement has not been reached, the commission schedules a hearing and renders a decision following the hearing. If the commission determines that there has been discrimination, the members can order remedies such as described above.
  6. Appeal - Human Relations Commission decisions may be appealed to the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact Anna T. Keegan at (203) 854-7989.

Please note: For more information about Fair Housing (discrimination in housing), contact the City of Norwalk's Fair Housing Officer, Margaret Suib, at 203-854-7820 or