Asthma Management: Putting on AIRS

The Putting on AIRS program works with children and their families to help kids better manage their asthma symptoms. The program offers face-to-face educational sessions and telephone support at participants' homes. (*During the Covid-19 pandemic, sessions are held via telehealth.) 

The program is based out of Stratford, but staff come to patients' homes and serve eligible individuals throughout Fairfield County. Program staff also work closely with local Norwalk agencies and organizations, including the Health Department. There are no out-of-pocket costs to enroll, and no income guidelines. 

Eligible families who participate in the program receive help and support from:

  • Asthma Educators who can help you understand asthma symptoms, asthma medications, and asthma management. 
  • Environmental Specialists who can help you identify asthma triggers. 
  • Community Health Workers who can provide guidance and connections to community supports like education, transportation, and behavioral health that could help your child manage asthma. 

These individuals will work with you and your family to help reduce:

  1. Emergency department visits, 
  2. Hospitalizations
  3. Unscheduled medical visits (sick visits)
  4. Limited activity due to asthma symptoms such as absences from work or school and visits to the school nurse's office

Who is Eligible?

Your child (age 17 years and younger) may be eligible if is eligible if they've experienced any one of the following:

  • Poorly Controlled as defined by Asthma Control Test (<19)
  • more than 1 emergency department visit, hospitalization, or unscheduled medical visit in the last 6 months
  • Non adherent to inhaled corticosteroids
  • Self-administered 3 rescue inhalers in 6 months
  • Limited activity due to asthma
  • Missed more than 2 school days in the last year due to asthma
  • Visited the school nurse’s office visit more than 2 times per week due to asthma symptoms
  • Missed more than 2 workdays in the last year due to asthma


Do you know someone who could benefit from Putting on AIRS? Refer them to the program by completing the form below. Putting on AIRS will reach out, provide more information, determine eligibility, and give them more information

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