Vendor Guide

Gifts & Gratuities

City employees are prohibited from soliciting or accepting anything of value (except novelties or mementos of nominal value) from any vendor. Such an offer will put the employee in the uncomfortable position of turning away a friendly gesture and they could be dismissed. If you make such an offer, you could be barred from further business with the city.

Taxes & Purchase Orders
The City of Norwalk is exempt from all federal excise and state sales taxes. Exemption certificates will be executed by the purchasing agent upon request when supported by an authorized purchase order. The city is exempt from state sales tax under General Statutes, section 12-412 (1).

All purchases, whether for single of multiple items, must be supported by a purchase order authorized in advance. The three types are described as followed:
  • Purchase orders: Must be authorized by the purchasing agent and can be made for any dollar amount (purchase orders will be a five-digit number)
  • D-orders: Must be pre-authorized and can be made for up to $500; (D-orders will be a five-digit number preceded by the letter "D")
  • Emergency orders: Only to be used in critical situations by a department head or authorized representative, and may be made for any dollar amount.
Procurement by the city is governed by detailed laws and regulations. In general, with certain exceptions, purchases must be approved by the purchasing agent. The city is not bound to accept or pay for unauthorized purchases. Questions as to whether other city officials or employees have authority to make purchases should be referred to the Purchasing Department.

Contact Us

Please make the Purchasing office your first point of contact. Appointments are preferred, but not necessary.