Doing Business with the City

Acquisition Objective

Our principal objective is the acquisition of quality goods and service on a timely basis at the lowest cost. We are constantly seeking new, creative, and responsible sources of supply, and we encourage your participation in these efforts.

Bidding Process

Purchases are made through a comprehensive system of specifications and competitive bidding, which assures that contracts go to the lowest bidders who comply with specifications, terms, and conditions and have the capacity to deliver.

Payments are made within 30 days provided invoices are sent to the correct address and comply with terms of the purchase order or contract. Purchasing will assist in expediting payments particularly if a discount is available.

Our Promise

We are always here to help you complete your business and will direct you to appropriate contracts, provide you with needed information, and even assist you in filling out various forms. The Purchasing and Central Services Department is particularly interested in working with small and disadvantaged businesses.

Department Resources