Wetland Plantings & Buffers


 Plants provide pleasant colorful contrast to our landscape. Maintaining a variety of plant types and species:
  • Gives birds and wildlife habitat and food
  • Gives yards visual interest, and helps buffer our natural areas, including wetlands and streams, from pollutants
  • Retains soil and decreases erosion
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Native Norwalk Plants & Buffers

Native plants are plants that have historically grown naturally in an area. Native plants are perfectly adapted to thrive in our area – these species have developed here in harmony with our soils, climate, and fauna. In addition to thriving, they often require less water to maintain and attract desirable wildlife.

Many Inland Wetland Permit Applications include proposals to enhance existing wetland buffers with the addition of native plant species. In general, buffers help reduce the effects of human disturbance on wetlands.

Whether you are looking for ideas for your application, or are simply wishing to establish a pretty garden in your backyard, explore the links on this page for guides and tips that are made for Connecticut!

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