Facility Use by Outside Groups

Use of City and Public School Facilities by Outside Groups 

The grounds and facilities of the City of Norwalk and Norwalk Public Schools may be used by outside groups for approved functions.   If you are interested in using a City of Norwalk or Norwalk Public School premise, please contact the respective department for information or see the respective links below.

As part of the process to be approved to use a City of Norwalk or Norwalk Public School premise, an outside group will be required to provide some proof of Insurance.   Such proof of Insurance is typically in the form of a Certificate of Insurance.   You and/or your organization may already have Insurance in place that may insure your use of City or Public School premises.  In those cases, your insurance broker or agent can help provide a Certificate of Insurance.   If you do not have Insurance in place to insure your use of City or Public School premises, you may be able to purchase a Special Event policy through a TULIP Insurance program referenced below or through other such similar programs that are available online.    The TULIP Insurance program information can be accessed through this link: https://www.norwalkct.org/DocumentCenter/View/23688/TULIP-How-to-Guide---Norwalk---2020-002.

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Q:            What is a Certificate of Liability Insurance?

A:           The Certificate of Liability Insurance is essentially a receipt or proof that Liability Insurance coverage has been procured.   This proof of coverage will be required by your contact at the City of Norwalk or Norwalk Board of Education as part of your rental application.

Q:          I have to add the City of Norwalk and Norwalk Board of Education as an Additional Insured.  What does this mean?

A:           Additional Insured status confers insurance to entities in addition to the Named Insured.  So, for your event, you have Special Event Liability Insurance for your group plus the City and Board of Education would like to be included on this policy due to the close relationship as a user of the City or Board of Education facility.

Q:          Where can I find an insurance provider?

A:           If you are not sure if you have Liability Insurance coverage for your special event, please contact your insurance agent or your homeowner’s insurance carrier.  

If you feel that you would like to purchase a Special Event Liability Insurance policy, the City has a program (see above).

Other Special Event Liability Insurance carriers can be located online using a web based search engine.

Q:          Is there a charge to obtain some Special Event Liability Insurance coverage?

A:           If you purchase a separate Special Event Liability Insurance policy, then yes, there is a cost.      If you have coverage in force already under your Homeowner’s Insurance coverage or through some other policy like a Corporate or Business Insurance policy, then you should ask your carrier if there is a charge for coverage for a Special Event.

Q:          I am serving alcohol at my event.  Do I need anything special for this under my policy?

A:           You should request a coverage known as Host Liquor Liability coverage.   This would be in addition to the General Liability coverage you need to have.