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Regulatory Oversight

Certain activities, when they occur within a wetland, watercourse, or upland review area, are considered regulated activities and require an Inland Wetlands Permit. Please refer to the summary and regulations for further explanation of activities that warrant an Inland Wetland Permit.

Permit Levels

There are three levels of wetland permits – minor, intermediate, and significant. The permit level that your proposed activities warrant is determined by the Conservation Office or the Inland Wetland Agency.

The permit level is based on our assessment of both the proximity of the activity to the water resource (is your work going to be 5 or 50 feet away from the wetland?) and the scope of the activity (will you just be digging footings for a deck, or will your project require filling and grading of a large area?).

Prior to selecting a form and filling it out, you are strongly encouraged to first discuss your project with the Conservation Department to accurately determine your permit need. They can be reached at (203) 854-7744.

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 **Currently Agency meetings are being held digitally via Zoom.  While we are holding digital meetings, the number of paper copies required is reduced to two (2).  However, submission of digital PDFs of submitted application materials is also required. 

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