File a Complaint for a Violation

What is a Zoning Violation? 

Before scrolling down to submit a complaint, please take a moment to review what types of issues are - or are not - potential zoning violations.  These may be a zoning violation:

  • Number of units in a residential dwelling 
  • Commercial activity in an area where commercial uses are not permitted
  • Industrial activity in an area where industrial uses are not permitted
  • Improper storage of unregistered vehicles 
  • Improper storage of recreational vehicles (boats, campers, RVs, ATVs, trailers)
  • Added parking surface in front yard

What is not a Zoning Violation and who should I contact for the following concerns?

Police Department

  • Noise/Parties
  • Early construction starts
  • Parking on the street
  • Speeding

Code Enforcement

  • Fences six feet or higher
  • Building demolition concerns
  • Stone walls

Blight Office

  • Debris, Junk, Trash
  • Unkempt property
  • Broken private sidewalk

Public Works

  • Fill & Excavation
  • Tree removal along the street
  • Broken public sidewalk

Health Department

  • Chicken (or other) Coops, Pens
  • Livestock & Fowl
  • Septic
  • Odors
  • Sanitation

Miscellaneous issues that are not Zoning Violations:

Private Easements

Condominium covenants

Patios under 8 inches height

Construction of outdoor BBQs, pizza ovens, etc.

Statues & Pergolas

Color of a house

Holiday displays

Mailbox placement

I'm ready to file a can I do it?

  • To file a Zoning complaint, please complete the Zoning Complaint Form.  application form graphic
  • You can also mail your zoning complaint form to: 
    • Norwalk City Hall, 125 East Avenue, PO Box 5125, Rm 129, Attn: Deputy Zoning Inspector, Norwalk, CT 06856-5125
  • Along with the complaint form, please provide:
    • Photos of the violation
    • Times/dates when the violation occurs
    • The property address and where the violation is located on the property
    • Any additional materials that may be helpful to the investigation (such as advertisements)
    • Your contact information  *Please note that anonymous complaints will not be received*
  • Be aware that it typically takes 5-7 days to process/investigate a complaint
    • If a violation is found during the Zoning Inspector's investigation a Notice of Violation (NoV) will be sent to the property owner
    • A respondent has fifteen (15) days to respond to or remedy the violation 
    • After 15 days, a citation will be sent to the property owner if the violation has not been cured
    • Depending on the nature of the violation, it can take ~2-3 months to resolve an issue for which a citation has been upheld.
  • For specific questions regarding a zoning enforcement matter, please e-mail or call (203-854-7960) John Hayducky, Deputy Zoning Inspector.

What do I do if I receive a Notice of Violation?

  • Don't ignore it!
    • Most violations are easily resolved and can be fixed with a permit 
    • Ignoring a Notice of Violation could result in a fine of $150/day
  • Contact the Deputy Zoning Inspector immediately.
    • The Deputy Zoning Inspector can be contacted via email, or phone at 203-854-7960, or in person at City Hall, Room 129.
  • Citation Hearings
    • After 15 days if there is no response and the violation still exists, the property owner will be issued a Citation.
    • The citation will include a hearing date and time.
      • The property owner may appear at the hearing
      • There are typically 2-3 citation hearings per month
      • A Hearing Officer presides and has the authority to:
        • Assess fines or grant extensions 
    • Property owner can appeal hearing officer/citation to Superior Court