Conservation Office

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Permit Processing: 

For Wetland Permit applicants, please email the Conservation Office staff directly (see contact to the right).  

For Building Permits, please know that Conservation review and sign-offs (the Green Sheet) will provided internally after you have received your Zoning Permit.   Contact Zoning (Zoning webpage or 203-854-7780) if you are unsure how to apply for your zoning permit.  Once approved, Zoning will contact you for payment of the Zoning Permit application fee and your Zoning Permit and Conservation sign-off will then be available for you to pick up.  You must then contact the Building Department to set up an appointment with a Building Inspector. 

For any other Conservation Office matters, please email or leave a message at the Conservation main line at 203-854-7744.  Please know we are working, but are often away from our phone - please leave a message.  We check for messages often and will call or email you back promptly.

We encourage use of phone and email communication, however in the event you feel an in-person would serve you best, you are welcome to come to City Hall.  The Conservation Office is located in Room 129 right next to Planning & Zoning.   Our door is open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 4PM.  Please note, however that professional staff is not always available all day.  If you have detailed or complex questions, you are encouraged to call or email and set up an appointment.  

Department Responsibilities

The Conservation Office provides staff for the:

Specific Responsibilities

The Conservation Office administers and enforces the regulations and policies of each of these boards. In particular, the office is responsible for:

  • Administering the City's Inland Wetland Regulations, which regulate activities adjacent to inland wetlands and watercourses in order to protect our water resources.
  • Oversee certain potentially hazardous land uses in the public drinking water supply areas in the city
  • Providing recommendations on natural resources and open space plans