Credit Card and e-Check Payments

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR DMV CLEARANCE: If you pay on line or over the telephone today (using a credit, debit or ATM card) you will NOT be cleared for DMV for at least TWO BUSINESS DAYS.   If you use an E check for delinquent motor vehicle taxes, you may need to wait several WEEKS for clearance.  

The Tax Collector’s and Assessor’s offices converted to a different software system on March 1, 2023.   The online E tax bill lookup system also has changed.  The new system looks different, but you still are able to look up what you owe, and what you paid.  You can now put items directly in your "shopping cart" to pay them.  

 Taxpayers making payment on past due bills should contact the tax collector’s office, or check the city website, before making their payment, to determine exactly what they now owe.  Past due amounts CHANGE each calendar month, as interest goes up; and other charges may be added.    
Information Regarding Motor Vehicle Taxes and DMV Clearance:
Payments made in person at the Tax Collector's Office are cleared with DMV OVERNIGHT.   You will be cleared to register with DMV ON THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS DAY.   
You may request an EXPRESS DMV CLEARANCE (IMMEDIATE CLEARANCE / SAME DAY)  for an additional,  NON-REFUNDABLE  fee of $20  payable to the City of Norwalk, AT THE TIME YOU ARE PAYING YOUR PAST DUE MOTOR VEHICLE TAXES.  

This option may not be available if there is a high volume of workload in the office, or if access to the DMV system is not functional at the time of your request. 
Effective November 2015, the Connecticut DMV discontinued the use of the paper motor vehicle clearance slip and the tax collector's release 'stamp' on vehicle registrations. The DMV no longer accepts either paper or stamped releases. Everything is done electronically / paperless.


Our office window is open for in-person payments Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 4 pm.  You don't need an appointment, and we don't close for lunch.    

 You may pay with a debit, credit or ATM card, cash, or a money order to receive DMV clearance.  If you require IMMEDIATE CLEARANCE, there is an additional NON-REFUNDABLE  $20 charge, payable at that time. Otherwise, you will be cleared as noted above. 
Enter City Hall through the main entrance and go to the security station.   Everyone is asked to adhere to physical distancing directives.  The requirement to wear a mask in City Hall is no longer in effect.  Please reach out to the Mayor's Office for information about COVID 19 related policies and protocols.    

Online and IVR payments
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    The City of Norwalk has a service agreement with the company Invoice Cloud to accept credit, debit, and ATM card payments online, via telephone at (203) 318-9523, or at the tax collector's office.   If you pay by phone, this is an automated service.  You will be asked for your "year," which for current tax bills (due now) is "2022" (2022 grand list).  You will also be asked for your BILL number(s) found on your tax bill or online. 


"Convenience Fees"

    Invoice Cloud charges taxpayers a convenience fee for processing credit, debit, and ATM card transactions. The fee is an additional 2.99% of the total due, or a minimum of $2.00, and is disclosed up front.  Taxpayers will have the opportunity to back out of the transaction before it is processed.   The fees charged are not refundable.   The fee for using an E Check (ACH payment) is $1.25.   Many taxpayers find the ACH payment fee of $1.25 a cost effective, economical alternative to the 2.99% fee charged for using a credit, debit or ATM card. 

   Using Electronic Banking for your transaction: Be informed!  

     If you use electronic banking services, you are responsible for entering your payment information accurately and completely.  Your payment may not be processed if you fail to provide accurate account numbers and other necessary information.   If your payment cannot be processed due to your error or omission, you will be charged a $20 return transaction fee, just as if you had a check returned unpaid.  

     Warning about electronic bill payment / telephone bill pay services:  These services may not mail your payment when you expect them to!   You assume the risk of your payment arriving late if you choose to use these services.  These payments come to us without a postmark, and because of this, they must be RECEIVED BY US before the last day to pay in order to be considered timely.  Normally the postmark controls, but if there is no postmark, timeliness depends solely upon our receipt of the payment

     Please read the instructions and warnings provided by your own bank before using any 'pay by phone' or electronic bill payment service.  Many service providers specifically advise NOT to use the service for tax payments for the reasons given.  

      If you choose to use one of these services, we suggest your transaction should be processed at least two weeks before the last day to pay to attempt to ensure your payment reaches us before the deadline.  For the current collection cycle, we recommended you process your payment by January 17, 2024, with the expectation that your payment would reach us by February 1 (the last day to pay without interest).   It is our recommendation that you NOT use your own electronic bill pay service after this date, because those payments may not be timely received by us. 

  Link to DMV online: 

Access the DMV online here:  

  Link to Online Bill Pay:

    To pay your bill online, please click on the link below, or the big orange button ("View or Pay Your Bill Online")  above. 

Paying with Debit & ATM Cards:

    Debit and ATM cards may be used for payment of delinquent or current taxes at the tax office window.  There is no charge for this payment method when payment is made in person at the Tax Collector's Office.   However, there is a charge for using debit and ATM cards when paying online or over the phone. 

For More Information:

    For more information about credit card payments, please contact the tax collector's office staff members at (203) 854-7731.