Tax Exemptions


Organizations that feel they may be eligible for a property tax exemption or credit should review Connecticut General Statute 12-81. Contact the tax assessor's office at (203) 854-7888, if you feel you are eligible or have any questions.

Individuals should take note that the following programs, as well as a Tax Deferral Application, are available.

Elderly or Disabled Homeowner's Tax Credit Program

This credit is for resident homeowners over the age of 65 and surviving spouses over the age of 50 who were previously on the program and meet the income criteria. It is also available to homeowners younger than 65 who are receiving social security disability and have applied for disability exemption with the assessor's office.

View additional information about the the elderly / disabled homeowners tax relief.

Totally Disabled - Social Security - Exemption

All totally disabled resident homeowners under age 65 with proof of disability from social security are eligible for this program. You must apply by January 31, 2019 to receive the exemption, beginning with the payment due the following July 1, 2019. The exemption is $1,000 off of the assessment of your real estate or motor vehicle assessment. To download an application click here: Totally Disabled Exemption.

Blind Person Exemption

This exemption is for all resident homeowners certified legally blind by the State of Connecticut. You must apply by October 1 to receive the exemption, beginning with the payment due the following July 1. The exemption is $3,000 off of your real estate assessment.

Additional Programs & Information

View additional exemption programs. For more information about any of these programs, please contact the Assessor's office at (203) 854-7888