COVID-19 Testing, Isolation, and Treatment

COVID testing can help us control the spread of COVID-19. Key times to consider testing:

  • If you have symptoms, test right away.
  • If you were exposed to COVID-19 and do not have symptoms, wait at least 5 full days after your exposure before testing. If you test too early, you may be more likely to get an inaccurate result. Check this page for more information about what to do if you've been exposed.
  • If you are in certain high-risk settings, you may need to test as part of a screening testing program.
  • Consider testing before contact with someone at high risk for severe COVID-19, especially if COVID levels are moderate or high in your community.

Community COVID-19 Testing

COVID testing is becoming part of the traditional health care system and may be covered by health insuranceCOVID tests are available from many healthcare providers, including doctor's offices, urgent cares, and pharmacies. Contact your doctor or visit the CDC Testing Locator to find a testing site near you. 

The Connecticut Department of Public Health supports no-cost COVID-19 testing at four federally qualified health centers until June 30, 2023.

At-Home COVID Tests 

Rapid, at-home antigen tests have become an important testing tool. The costs of at-home, self-test kits for COVID-19 are also moving to traditional health insurance coverage. Check with your health insurance provider to find out if they are covered. At-home tests are available at pharmacies, grocery stores, and other retail locations. Read the test kit manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly before using the test. If you have questions about the test or your results, call your healthcare provider or local health department. 

Free tests through USPS: The Federal government still provides up to four free at-home COVID-19 testing kits per address, while supplies last. Request your test kit at 

Reporting positive test results: Please report a positive test result from an at-home test kit to the Norwalk Health Department at this link: When you submit your test results, you will receive an automatic email with instructions for isolation, and you may receive a call from the Health Department providing more information.

Test to Treat

Test to Treat sites provide testing and treatment for COVID-19 from a health care provider, all in one location. Anyone who may have difficulty accessing the internet or needs additional support locating a Test to Treat location can call 1-800-232-0233 (TTY 1-888-720-7489) to get help in English, Spanish, and more than 150 other languages - 8:00 AM to midnight ET, seven days a week. 

If You Test Positive: Isolation and Treatment

If your COVID test is positive: 

Contact Tracing

The Health Department continues to conduct contact tracing to provide guidance, support, and education to individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. If you test positive, our contact tracing team may call you to help you find treatment or other community resources, help you understand guidance to keep others close to you safe, and answer any questions you may have.

Meet Our Contact Tracing Team: 

Shari VN., Health Department Staff Member
Calling from: (203) 963-9040 or (203) 584-9735 
Language(s) spoken: English      

Tahirah A., Health Department Staff Member
Calling from: (203) 505-3451 or (203) 318-6350
Language(s) spoken: English

Katarina M., Community Health Worker
Calling from: (203) 518-9157 or (203) 523-5432
Language(s) spoken: Spanish and English

Vanessa C., Community Health Worker
Calling from: (860) 952-3405, ext. 95451
Language(s) spoken: Spanish and English

Brian W., Health Department Staff Member
Calling from: (203) 810-6145
Language(s) spoken: English

Darleen H., Health Department Staff Member
Calling from: (203) 854-7835 and (203) 943-8118
Language(s) spoken: English

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