Subdivision Regulations

Adoption & Amendments

The City of Norwalk Planning Commission Subdivision and Resubdivision Regulations were adopted by the Planning Commission on December 8, 1948. The Common Council adopted them on January 19, 1949.

The regulations are amended periodically by the Planning Commission. The most recent amendments were approved January 10, 2012. For more information, please contact the Planning and Zoning Office at (203) 854-7780.



  • Article I - Definitions
  • Article II - Control of Land Subdivisions and Resubdivisions
  • Article III - Design of Subdivisions and Resubdivisions
  • Article IV - Procedure for the Submission and Review of Subdivision and Resubdivision Layouts
  • Article V - Detriment to General Welfare
  • Article VI - Validity
  • Article VII - Repeal of Old Regulations


  • Appendix A - Application for City-Owned Street
  • Appendix B - Road and Drainage Standards (Public Works)
  • Appendix C - Application for Approval of Subdivision or Resubdivision Map
  • Appendix D - Subdivision or Resubdivision Notification Form
  • Appendix E - Erosion and Sedimentation Prevention Guidelines
  • Appendix F - Bond for Completion of Land Subdivision or Resubdivision Improvements
  • Appendix G - Maintenance Bond -DELETED
  • Appendix H - Surety for Planning Commission Approvals