Tree Planting Program

Urban Forest Improvement Program: Goals & Objectives

The City of Norwalk conducts a tree planting program with a goal of:

  • Enhancing parklands and open spaces
  • Expanding the environmental benefit of trees in the urban landscape
  • Improving the aesthetics of streetscapes 
  • Restoring tree canopy along city streets

Each tree planted is added to the city's tree inventory and entered in the tree layer of the city's Geographic Information System (GIS).


How the Program Works

The Department of Public Works typically plants trees on city property or in the city's right-of-way (ROW). Where city property or ROW is not adequate to support health and unrestricted growth, trees will be planted on private property when the property owner agrees to care for the tree(s), although the program is not intended to provide free landscaping for residents or businesses.

In parklands, city-controlled open space, and the grounds of public buildings, plantings are accomplished by the Recreation and Parks Department.

Neighborhood Treescapes

As opposed to scattered individual plantings, trees are planted along a contiguous street or on a neighborhood basis. Planting plans are developed by neighborhood associations, usually through their volunteer tree liaisons. Planting plans are approved by the tree wardens and the Tree Advisory Committee following a walk-through of the street or neighborhood to confirm that the plan conforms to the goals of the program.

The neighborhood association and the adjoining property owners participate in the selection of the species of tree(s) to be planted. Following a successful walk-through, the Department of Public Works then orders the tree(s). Provision and planting of the trees is done through contract.

Benefits of the Neighborhood Approach

The neighborhood approach to implementing plantings contributes to a sense of accomplishment within the neighborhood, ensures a sense of ownership for the tree(s), provides group oversight for the healthy development of the tree(s), and reduces vandalism and pilferage.

Tree Liaisons

Tree liaisons are provided with training, a staking kit, and a volunteer guidebook that provides photographs and key information on each species of tree and shrub that are available through the tree planting program and contract.

Additional Information

This program, as well as other City of Norwalk tree programs, is described in more detail in the City of Norwalk Tree Management Plan.