Community Services

Community Services Department Mission
To increase and sustain social well-being and health of all Norwalk residents.

Office of the Chief of Community Services
Charged with unifying initiatives and programs that directly affect the social well-being and health of the residents of Norwalk.
Provides oversight and administrative support to departments.
To support the quality of life in Norwalk through the lifespan. 

Community Services Department Leaders
Health Department - Deanna D’Amore, MPH 
Youth Services -  David  J. Walenczyk, LMFT 
Human Relations & Fair Rent  - Carlos Duque
Early Childhood Coordinator - Mary Oster
Library - Sherelle Harris, MLS -  Library Director                                                         Human Services - AnaVivian Estrella, JD, MS

Resources & Additional Information

Community Resource Hub

  1. Lamond Daniels, LCSW, MPA

    Chief of Community Services

  2. Community Services

    Physical Address
    125 East Avenue
    Room 202
    Norwalk, CT 06851-5125

    Mailing Address

    Norwalk, CT 06851-5125