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In July 2023, the City of Norwalk launched a new official logo: "I Love Norwalk." Please see the City of Norwalk's official video of the new logo launch, where members of the community, key stakeholders and leaders of local organizations share why they love Norwalk. Do you want to share why you love Norwalk? We would l love to hear from you! Fill out this Why I Love Norwalk Form to share why you love Norwalk. 

The new logo aims to create a brand that reflects how the community feels about Norwalk and attracts more people to live, work, visit, learn or start their business in the City. The new official "I Love Norwalk" logo will be replaced with the City's "Sound of Connecticut" logo.

Use the City of Norwalk’s “I Love Norwalk” logo!

To learn more about how to use the different logo options, the branding colors and more, please check out our Communications Toolkit and Brand Document


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The multi-colored artwork represents the City of Norwalk's strong sense of inclusivity, creativity and the unique vibrancy of the Norwalk community. The heart symbol reflects the vitality of people's love and passion for their city. The brand invites a broad audience to engage with Norwalk and discover their own sense of place and purpose. It demonstrates that Norwalk is a welcoming and supportive city and invites more people to live, work, learn, or start or grow their businesses in the community.