Transportation, Mobility and Parking

logoAs a critical part of the City’s Economic and Community Development program, Transportation, Mobility and Parking is responsible for establishing policies, programs, and initiatives that address the City’s needs for connectivity between neighborhoods and the business districts, provides sustainable transportation, and coordinated transportation planning and engineering. Implements projects and programs that enhance safety, increases livability, improves traffic flow, provides Complete Streets for all users where feasible, delivers safe routes to schools, offers parking capacity on and off street, meets ADA and accessibility, advances curb management policies, and arranges mobility alternatives through programs and methods such as bike share, walkability initiatives, autonomous vehicles, on-demand transportation and micro transit mobility. Responsible for the citywide traffic signal system and the parking system. The Department develops and implements programs to improve the business climate through wayfinding, traffic flow, and parking, through various field and outreach programs, technology and equitable mobility options. Collaborates and coordinates with city, state, and federal agencies, city departments, and private entities to create short and long term transportation, mobility and parking planning needs. Provides staffing to the Norwalk Parking Authority, Norwalk Traffic Authority and Bike Walk Commission.  Implements initiatives through close collaborations with the Norwalk Transit District, Department of Operations and Public Works, Norwalk Redevelopment Agency, Norwalk Public Schools, Norwalk Department of Health, Connecticut Department of Transportation, and WestCOG.

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  1. James Travers

    Director Transportation, Mobility and Parking

  2. Transportation, Mobility and Parking

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