GIS Maps for Biking in Norwalk

What is GIS?

A GIS (Geographic Information System) is an electronic mapping program with the ability to analyze, manage, and display information based on geography on a wide variety of scales. GIS is a technology to understand and solve problems associated with government information which has a geographic dimension, allowing the efficient deployment of resources and delivery of service.

This 2.5 minute video provides an overview of what a GIS is:

How does the Bike/Walk Commission use GIS?

The Norwalk Bike/Walk Commission uses GIS technology for planning purposes and to display current cycling infrastructure in an easy-to-use and interactive format. Below, you may choose to view a PDF (non-interactive) version of the Master Bike Plan that was created using GIS, or an interactive version of the Master Bike Plan, depicting both current and proposed bicycling infrastructure for the City of Norwalk. 

Master Bike Plan (PDF)

City of Norwalk's Master Bike Plan

GIS Interactive Map of Master Bike Plan

City of Norwalk's Master Bike Plan

Click the image above to open a PDF of the Master Bike Plan.

To manipulate the interactive GIS map:
- Click the image above to open the map.
- Click on the square button on the top left corner title "Layers". This will open a drop-down menu of different map layers for you to toggle on and off.
- Choose the layers that you want to view. To view the drop-down map legend, click the small triangle next to each option.