Graffiti Awareness

City of Norwalk

Graffiti Awareness Information 

  • Contact the City of Norwalk Customer Service Center at 203-854-3200 or to report an incident of graffiti. The City may be able to assist you with graffiti removal.
  • Remove graffiti within 24 hours. If you do this consistently, eventually the tagging will disappear. Taggers interpret tags that stay up as permission to continue to deface your property. The quicker you get rid of tags, the sooner taggers stop.
  • Remove any large garbage bins, pallets, moving vans, cars, storage bins, etc. away from walls and buildings. They can be used as a ladder to gain access to your roof.
  • Build high fences. Low fences act as ladders to your roof.
  • Use anti-graffiti coatings on your property for easier removal of graffiti.
  • Form a Graffiti Watch Association with your business neighbors.
  • If your property has been vandalized by graffiti taggers report it to the Norwalk Police at 203-854-3000.
  • Use plants (ivy, trees, bushes, etc.) to block the view or cover areas that might get tagged or to keep taggers from accessing your property.
  • Use motion lights in problem areas.
  • Do not confront taggers as they may become confrontational and aggressive.
  • Do not keep your property in the dark. Taggers love the darkness. Make sure there is ample lighting on your property.
  • DO NOT IGNORE THE PROBLEM. Graffiti tags are included in the City of Norwalk’s Blight Code (58 A, Blight Prevention) for both private and commercial property. Property owners not cooperating in keeping their property graffiti free will be referred to Code Enforcement and may be subject to penalties and fines.   
  • For more information contact the Customer Service Center at 203-854-3200.   

Graffiti Informational videos

The basics of graffiti